Welcome to JBP Daily

This is an invitation to be part of something that might improve your life.

A lecture. A podcast. Cathy Newman. Somehow you encountered Jordan Peterson and his ideas resonated with you. You may have read more. You may have started listening instead of speaking.

This platform has been designed so that the people who have supported Jordan, and those who still want to, can get something back. The support over the last two years has been overwhelming and has made Jordan’s life a bit less stressful. Thank you. We’re hoping this platform can improve your daily lives.

This is a simple way to stay connected to what Jordan is doing in a more intimate manner.

We’re going to call it JBP Daily. It’s run by people close to Jordan who care about spreading his ideas.

What is it exactly? A subscription plan to improve our lives. To help us wrestle with ideas that matter. To create the kind of dialogue and discussion that help to solidify understanding.

Included for monthly subscribers

  • Access to our private discussion forum (with special guest AMAs)
  • Exclusive video of a full lecture from the 12 Rules tour
  • Weekly member-only newsletter
  • Monthly video Q&A
  • Event pre-sale codes (when available)

Annual subscribers get all of the above, plus:

  • Free access to the Understand Myself personality assessment (regular price $9.95)
  • Access to the Future Authoring (regular price $14.95)
  • Bonus: Annual subscribers receive free access to Dr. Peterson’s first ever online video course, Introduction to Personality (coming soon)

This challenging new eight-part video course includes over five hours of lectures. Detailed course notes accompany each lecture. This is real university style education.

JBP Daily will require some serious effort to turn into a worthwhile community. Your subscription support will make it possible. This is a unique way to get content that won’t be accessible to other people.

Don’t miss this chance to be a founding member of JBP Daily!

“What would you be like?”

What would you be like, if you were serious about your potential? If you were really serious about change? Could taking a step like this one make a significant difference for you? Learn more. Converse with people that are also interested in improving their lives. Talk to people who are also interested in new ideas. In six months, a year, what will you be like? Who will you meet? What changes will happen? Who you surround yourself with matters.

As someone we all know says:

“You’re not everything you could be. And you know it. And, of course that’s a terrible thing to admit. And a terrible thing to consider. But there’s real promise in it. Right? Because it means that perhaps there is another way that you could look at the world, and another way you could act in the world…imagine if many people did that.”

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